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Sincere thank you to all buyers and readers of the book.

We donate 5% of each copy of the book to charity.

Thus, we have already managed to make the first donation of 1.500 € to a charity program for giving, children and young people from families in need, additional support and help to improve their quality of life.

By purchasing the book, you have contributed to helping children who, due to family circumstances, need financial help in everyday life and schooling.

Sincere thanks to everyone.

All calculations and results in the techniques described in the book are examples and are not a guarantee of future results or for all users. Author Martin Korošec, official representatives of the publisher and the company are not financial advisors, stockbrokers or registered investment advisors. All types of investments or named companies or financial instruments are presented for educational purposes only and not for the purpose of recommending a purchase. Consult your chosen licensed advisor before investing.