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The rich get even richer in a crisis. But ordinary people lose. That is why the situation from around the globe resulted in a clear and comprehensible book that shows examples of how can ordinary people protect their money and also take advantage of the crisis to earn their first million.



How to save your savings?

The Art of Wealth





Martin Korošec

I wrote the book after 25 years of working and running a company. From hardworking but modest beginnings, I have generated millions of euros in turnover as an entrepreneur, author, inventor, lecturer, consultant. But by investing in different areas, I lost most of it in the past. By analyzing my mistakes, deceiving the system, fraud, scams and missed opportunities, I recognized the differences between the financial fate of the majority and the secret of the wealth of wealthy families. I combined these insights with examples and calculations from everyday life in – The Art of Wealth.

To prepare for any crisis and take advantage of all opportunities. Seemingly easy and as if luck had something to do with it. For financial success, freedom and peace for you and your children. An investment system for ordinary people. Which everyone understands and can implement. Especially urgent, in a crisis.

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A clear, simple, comprehensible, entertaining manual takes ordinary people through 7 stages through the opportunities, pitfalls and laws of successful investing.

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The book gives out life lessons in the field of saving.

No, American fairy tales do not apply here. It was written for ordinary people who did not want deal with money. Or they have already lost it in stocks, precious metals, real estate, cryptocurrencies. And that’s just because ordinary people don’t know the legalities of investing that the financial industry is using against you. You will learn the secret strategies of the elite to earn your first million even in a crisis.

If you are wondering what to do with money, savings, how to prevent losses and how to invest your money safely so that you can earn even in times of crisis, then this is the book for you. Learn the knowledge the elite use to make money and use it to protect and make money for you and your family.

In a crisis, the majority loses, the elite gets richer. Which side will you be on?

Million dollar truth


in 7 levels for ordinary people



The ART OF WEALTH manual brings a solution for ordinary people

Learn the best-kept secrets of money, investing, Save your money. With knowledge carefully hidden by the financial system.

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Work does not multiply.
Money can, if we know how.


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All calculations and results in the techniques described in the book are examples and are not a guarantee of future results or for all users. Author Martin Korošec, official representatives of the publisher and the company are not financial advisors, stockbrokers or registered investment advisors. All types of investments or named companies or financial instruments are presented for educational purposes only and not for the purpose of recommending a purchase. Consult your chosen licensed advisor before investing.