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Heating is associated with large expense investments in the system itself.

This cost can exceed $10,000 and more.

Then there are the costs of energy consumption (e.g. gas, electricity, oil, etc.).

And additionally the costs of service and repairs.

Of course, it is also necessary to pay attention to the environment and to minimize the burden on it with pollution.

One of the most affordable and modern methods of heating are infrared panels.

The investment is lower than other systems. You can furnish individual rooms with them.

Energy consumption is comparable to a heat pump. But no service is required.

How much could you save based on your existing heating system?


How much could you save based on your existing heating system?

Very likely, the savings can exceed several thousand euros in a few years.

Then invest this money thoughtfully so that it enriches.

If you only save $100 per month on average and invest this amount, you will create assets worth $563,000  in 40 years at an average annual historical return of 10% per year. Of course, the reduction in purchasing power due to inflation must also be deducted. But even if the real purchasing power were only e.g. $150,000  is enough to buy an apartment.

Heating is a high cost, and even with smaller savings, you can create a lot by investing over time. Without giving up anything.

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