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Book about CRYPTO. How to make money in a crisis?

A practical guide. For young and old.
CRYPTO from A to Z.
Everything beginners need to know before investing their first euro into cryptocurrencies.

Hot from the press. New 2nd current edition.

94 pages of examples and instructions.


Author of the manual:
Cryptocurrencies for beginners.

Based on 5 years of experience conducting a Coinmansa workshop on investing in cryptocurrencies. With personal help (Uz osobnu pomoć), we met with hundreds of workshop participants and prepared them for their future independent work with cryptocurrencies.

You will easily and clearly understand the differences and different opportunities in different categories:

Prior knowledge of computer use or age does not matter. With the manual, we have successfully helped both young adults and those over 70 years of age. Buy cheap, sell expensive. Now is one of the best moments of the year.

Hot content

What is a blockchain, why is and why will the price of Bitcoin continue to rise.

Who are the miners, how are blockchain transactions conducted and what is halving?

Existing networks and new generation blockhain.

From the experiences of the ICO mania to knowledge for new crypto millionaires.

Crypto phoenixes and new million-dollar trends in cryptocurrencies.

Big 4 trends: DeFi & CeFi, NFT, gaming, metaverse.

Top examples and 20 most promising crypto projects.


How do you create or invest in NFTs?

The future and practical uses of NFTs

Concepts play to earn, ownership of assets in gaming and Metaverse.

The greatest investment opportunity of all time: the benefits of tokenising the real economy.

While you sleep cryptocurrencies can make a profit for you.

The only method you need to know before investing your first euro.

Why is staking one of the most popular solutions of the last year?

All calculations and results in the techniques described in the book are examples and are not a guarantee of future results or for all users. Author Martin Korošec, official representatives of the publisher and the company are not financial advisors, stockbrokers or registered investment advisors. All types of investments or named companies or financial instruments are presented for educational purposes only and not for the purpose of recommending a purchase. Consult your chosen licensed advisor before investing.