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All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or used in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, scanning, recording, or storage or retrieval systems, without the express written consent of the author, except for small extracts used in published reviews of the book.

Despite the fact that the publisher and the author did their best in preparing the book and acted in good faith throughout, they do not give any guarantees or guarantees regarding the accuracy or completeness of the content of the book. The author and publisher expressly disclaim any direct or indirect warranties as to the suitability of the book for general sale or the suitability of the book in special cases.

Guarantees and warranties not expressly provided in the preceding paragraph do not exist. Sales agents cannot create or extend warranties and warranties. Likewise, the renewal or establishment of new warranties and guarantees may not result from written sales materials.
The tips and strategies contained in this book may not be appropriate for your situation. Consult an expert if necessary. There are no warranties or guarantees as to the accuracy and completeness of the information and opinions provided in this book, nor has it guaranteed that the information and opinions provided in this book will yield any accurate results. However, the tips and strategies that are appropriate are not suitable for every individual. The book is designed to provide information on the topic. However, it should be emphasized that neither the publisher nor the author deals with legal, accounting or other services that would be professionally related to the topic. If you need legal or other professional help, seek expert advice. Neither the publisher nor the author is responsible for any loss, reduction of profits or any other commercial damage. Including, but not limited to, special, incidental, or any other damages.

General Terms and Conditions of the company Rdeča oranža d.o.o. and the use of websites owned by it Acceptance of Terms

By checking the “I agree with the general terms and conditions” box, filling in the information and clicking on the “Complete purchase” button, I order a book or seminar The Art of Wealth in accordance with the number of tickets I marked at the time of purchase. I also fully agree that the organizer of the event, the company Rdeča Oranža, d.o.o. Titova cesta 2a, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia, registration number: 6152066000 (hereinafter personal data controller / contractor) the following personal data: my name and surname, e-mail address and telephone or. processes the mobile number for the purposes of direct marketing, statistical processing, research, sending offers, promotional materials, greeting cards, magazines, various prize campaigns and invitations to events, communication, daily marketing research, bid adjustment, segmentation and other types of market and business analyzes and other purposes.

The organizer of events in advertising and cross-promotion cooperates with various partners. The advertising partner is Apel PR d.o.o.

Persons listed on the application form have the right to access their personal data and the right to contact the organizer at the addresses listed on the application form and in these general terms and conditions if they want to view, correct, change or update their personal data in the database organizer. The organizer is obliged to properly prevent the use of personal data within 15 days in order to analyze customers, marketing research and to present the products and services of the company Rdeča Oranža d. o. o. (unsubscribe from notifications), and notify the person who requested it within a further 5 days. The costs of all actions in this regard shall be borne by the organizer. At the same time, I confirm and declare that I am duly aware of my right to inspect, transcribe, copy, supplement, correct, block and delete personal data concerning me in accordance with the provisions of Articles 29, 30, 31, 32 and 33. Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP – 1 – UPB1) – Uradni list RS, no. 94/2007. I also declare that the border controller has informed the personal data controller of the fact that the transfer of data is free. The collected data will not be transferred to third parties. Users who wish to unsubscribe from receiving e-news can unsubscribe from the e-news link voluntarily.


The General Terms and Conditions regulate the procedure of registration and deregistration for an individual event before the implementation of an individual event, protection of personal data and the implementation of events. General terms and conditions of the company Rdeča Oranža d.o.o. (hereinafter: the General Terms and Conditions) refer to all events (seminars, workshops, conferences and other events of an educational and / or informative nature – hereinafter: events) and educational programs (audio and video educational programs, on-line educational programs, texts , transparencies and other educational materials in any format – hereinafter: Educational programs) organized by Rdeča Oranža d.o.o. (hereinafter: the organizer). The General Terms and Conditions apply and apply to all events and participants equally, unless otherwise specified by the organizer in the application for an individual event. The General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of each application form for each event, regardless of the form of registration for the event (in writing, via the website, by fax or in any other way proving the person and event to which that person applied). Any person who registers for an individual event accepts these general terms and conditions in full, irrevocably and unconditionally. The General Terms and Conditions are published in the form of a legal notice in the current version on the organizer’s website ( and may change from time to time. At the time of registration for an individual event, the general terms and conditions apply, which are published on the website (see the foot of the website).

Registration and registration fee payment

Registration for the event is done by filling out the application form in printed form, online application form on the website or via e-mail Instructions for payment and payment deadline for each event (including installment payment options) will be sent to all entrants after registration at the e-mail address provided on the application form.

By paying for the ticket, participation in the event is confirmed. The organizer does not refund the entrance fee. If you are detained during the event for any reason, you can inform the organizer (up to 24 hours before the event) about the person who will replace you. If you do not apply for a replacement, the ticket will be transferred to another event with such content, organized by the organizer. Educational events are organized every few months.

In any case, a person who paid for the ticket and could not attend the event for any reason can inform the organizer to provide him with a video of the event and a presentation of the lecturers.

In case of force majeure (eg disease epidemic), when the authorities declare e.g. ban on organized events, the event is postponed to a later time. There is no refund of the entrance fee in this case either. However, all participants receive a video of the event with such content and all presentations by the lecturers. When a possible state of emergency is canceled, a live event is held, for which tickets already purchased are then valid.

Cancellation of application

The organizer reserves the right to reject any application or. cancel without explanation. This also applies if the customer has already transferred money. In this case, the organizer returns the money. / Cancellation by the client is possible only in writing, sent by e-mail to in such a way that instead of registering for the event, another person registers. The organizer does not return payments received. If the customer is physically unable to attend the event for which he paid for the ticket, he can attend one of the events in the future. Oral cancellations sent by telephone are not accepted by the organizer.

The price of the event

The price of the event is as currently advertised on the event website. The price of the event may change, which is also written on the website of the event. The price can be valid e.g. until a certain date, and then changes (increases or decreases), which is also written on the event website. All prices are without VAT. We do not refund the purchase price. However, you can use it for one of our future events.

Content of events and educational programs

The content of lectures and materials at individual events and the content of other educational programs (including online educational programs, audio and video programs) express exclusively the views of the authors / lecturers, and not necessarily the organizations in which they are employed or the organizer. In no event shall Red Orange d.o.o., its employees or subcontractors be liable for any damages (direct, indirect or consequential) based on information on this website or on information obtained at individual events or other Educational Programs.


The organizer uses the statements or other statements of the participants regarding their sales, earnings or other results achieved by the participants of the events and training programs. This statement or other statement does not imply that you or others will achieve similar results. Earnings and results achieved by participants in the past do not necessarily predict the earnings and results they will achieve in the future. The organizer is not legally, materially or financially responsible for the arrival, departure and time spent by the customer at the event. The organizer is not responsible for any damage or possible theft of property during the presence at the event.

Data protection

The organizer ensures a high level of protection of personal data and undertakes to carefully store and use all received personal data listed in the application form or received through forms on this and other websites only for the purpose of analyzing data on event participants, marketing research and presentation of products and services Red Orange d. o. o., and will not pass them on to third parties without the consent of the data subjects.

Terms of use of copyrighted content

Red Orange d.o.o. reserves the right to make errors on all its websites, both in the pictorial and textual part, and assumes no responsibility for them. All information, graphics and program elements in the broadest sense (texts, sketches, photographs, video content, etc.) contained on the organizer’s website are the copyrighted work of the organizer and therefore subject to copyright protection or other forms. protection of intellectual property. Users are allowed to use the published content exclusively for personal and non-commercial purposes. Each individual user is allowed to use the published content only in one, personal copy. Under no circumstances may the documents and content published on this website be copied, copied, reproduced or otherwise distributed for commercial purposes. Exceptionally, documents and content published on the organizer’s website may be reproduced exclusively for non-commercial purposes, provided that all information about the authors and the source and warnings about the protection of copyright or other rights are preserved. Such a product and all other products or. the services that may be advertised with it, like these websites, must be completely free and accessible to all under the same conditions and without additional restrictions. Who wants to publish only part of the content or. he wants to publish it under different conditions, he must obtain the prior written permission of the author or. authors. If these conditions are not met, according to the Copyright and Related Rights Act of the Republic of Slovenia, copying the copyrighted content of these websites is not permitted. Registration, login and viewing of the contents of the website (see the foot of the website for general conditions) means automatic acceptance of these conditions. Date of publication of the latest version of the terms: 01. 11. 2021