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Personal data protection policy

Article 1 (Personal data controller and contact data)

The provisions of this document apply to the collection and processing of all personal data collected and processed by the company Rdeča Oranža, izkustveni marketing d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as the operator).

Operator information:
Company: Red Orange, experiential marketing d.o.o.
Address: Titova cesta 2A, 2000 Maribor
Registration number: 6790607000
Phone: 041 / 319-701

Information on the data protection officer:
Name and Surname / company: Martin Korošec
Contact phone: 041 / 319-701
Contact e-mail address:

Article 2

(types of personal data processed)
Types of personal data we process:
1. basic contact details

• Name and surname
• Email address
• Phone Number
• Company name (if you are applying as a company)

Article 3

(basis for the processing of personal data) We process personal data when necessary to fulfill our obligations imposed on us by law, or when necessary to fulfill our obligations, on the basis of a contract with you. We also process personal data when you consent to the processing of your personal data. However, you can revoke your consent at any time.

Article 4

(Purposes of personal data processing) Personal data is collected and processed for the purpose of: • Informing clients about the course of workshops • Informing about new workshop dates • Informing about new workshop topics

Article 5

(storage of personal data) We keep basic contact personal data as long as you have the status of a registered user on our website. We retain personal information obtained with your consent until revoked. Data on issued invoices are kept for 10 years from the date of issue. The data obtained due to the fulfillment of obligations arising from the concluded contract are kept for 5 years after the fulfillment of the contract. After the expiration of the retention period, personal data are permanently and efficiently deleted or anonymised so that they lose the character of personal data.

Article 6

(transfer of personal data) You decide voluntarily whether or not to provide us with your personal data. Failure to provide certain categories of personal data may result in inability to provide the service or refusal to enter into a contract.

Article 7

(access to personal data) Access to your personal data is available only to persons within the company Red Orange, who have the authority to process personal data and third parties with whom the company Red Orange has concluded a contract for data processing t.i. contractual processors of personal data. Contractual processors perform personal data processing services in accordance with the provisions of the contract concluded between the company Rdeča Oranža and them. Contractual processors are prohibited from exporting personal data to third countries and international organizations.

Article 8

(rights regarding personal data) Red Orange may at any time request that it inform you or process your personal data, what personal data it processes, the purpose of processing personal data, who are the users of such personal data, the retention period of personal data and the criteria for determining the duration of the retention of personal data. You can also request that the company inform you of the existence of automated decision-making and the reasons for its use, the importance of its uses and the intended consequences. You can also request the correction of inaccurate data, and a restriction on processing when: – you dispute the accuracy of the data, for a certain amount of time it takes to verify the accuracy of the data. – The processing is illegal, but you do not request the deletion of data, but restrict their processing – When we no longer need personal data, but you need it to assert and defend legal claims. If the conditions set out in Article 17 of the General Data Protection Regulation are met, you can request the deletion of all your personal data (Right to be forgotten). In any case, when the data was collected on the basis of your consent, which you subsequently revoked. You may also request a printout of your personal information in a structured and readable form. You can easily pass this information to another controller of personal data. You can file a complaint against Rdeča Oranža with the Information Commissioner if you believe that Rdeča Oranža or another person violates applicable law by processing your personal data.

Article 9

(Exercise of rights) Address your claims from the previous article to any contact of the manager listed in Article 1 of this document. In order to provide personal information, we may ask you to provide proof of your identity. If you are unable to prove it reliably, we may reject your claim from your previous article. We are obliged to respond to your request from the previous article as soon as we become acquainted with it and obtain the relevant information. However, within 15 days of receiving your request.